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If you have ever wondered about a bigger purpose and the abiding rules that help you live your life to the fullest, this is the book you want to read. Warm and practical, Enjoy Your Journey is a story-rich guidebook to help you make great decisions, no matter what you’ve experienced or are going through now. Every new day brings opportunities for making better choices that have lasting impact on who you are and all you do.

Do you want to improve your attitudes and circumstances and grow into a more fulfilled person?

Read Enjoy Your Journey and start to engage wholeheartedly in a deeply honest, sincere, and uplifting venture that may touch every area of your life. The journey is yours–embrace it. Most of all, enjoy it. It’s God’s gift to you.

Enjoy Your Journey

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Ten Bedrock Truths to Improve Everything About You

10 Bedrock Truths
All Things Work Together for Good to Those Who Love God
Doing Your Best, Doing It Right
You Can Reason Only with Reasonable People
Conflict Is Not Bad; Only Unresolved Conflict Is Bad
The Power of Diversity
Big Windshield Looking Forward, Small Mirror Looking Back
Ninety Percent for Today and Ten Percent for Tomorrow
Opportunity Is Missed by Most
Margin: Time and Money
Change: An Opportunity or a Threat

A great resource for individual reflection and group study as you Enjoy Your Journey!

Great for Book Clubs and Small Group Studies
Enjoy Your Journey is an effective and practical book for your group. A great resource for your 
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Meet Bud at The 2017 NW Book Festival
Meet Bud at The 2017 NW Book Festival
July 16, 2017
Bud will be one of the authors at this year's NW Book Festival in Portland, Oregon. If you are local to the Portland area or visiting, please consider joining Bud for the 9th Annual NW Book ...
Enjoy Your Chemistry!!
Enjoy Your Chemistry!!
February 16, 2017
I always knew humans are affected by chemistry (hormones) in our body.  I never really looked into it until recently when my son Grant shared a video by Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last.
Are We Open?
Are We Open?
June 26, 2016

What I love about this picture of my son Grant teaching his grandfather how to better use his Iphone is that learning can go both ways.